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Business Specialist

Hayley Jay

Hayley Jay

I am responsible for selling vehicles into local businesses. I have a good understanding of how a company finances its vehicles and the taxes that are to be considered when they purchase a car or van. There are many exciting changes happening within the Automobile industry that are creating new opportunities; for example becoming an expert in electric cars. I also sell to private individuals and especially enjoy helping people to purchase the right car for their needs. Getting the right outcome for my customers is my goal.

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Furrows career overview

What is your name and what company do you work for?

What is your job and describe what you do?

What other jobs did you do before this one?

What different roles are available in your industry?

What do you most enjoy about your job?

What are the different pathways into your industry (apprenticeship/uni etc)?

Why is your organisation good to work for?

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The importance of apprenticeships to business development

Taking the apprenticeship route

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