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with young talent

Discover and engage future talent, ensuring school and college students consider you when planning their potential future career paths.


Demonstrate your businesses' intent to support the younger generations in our schools


A series of cards are displayed in 'Career Card Stations' in schools and colleges across the country. Students can browse cards that take their interest and take them home for future reference.

Student picks up a Career Card...


Each card features a different person with details about their job role and the company or organisation they work for.


Each card contains a unique QR code linking to a page on our website which houses a series of videos for each profile.

They scan
the QR code...

And watch the linked videos

How  does Career.Cards work?

A range of videos are available to watch, informing more about what that person does, what they like about their job and the different pathways to it, including apprenticeships where offered.


Browse the latest Career Cards

Keen to find out what Career.Cards can do for your business?

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