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Life Coach

Make Your Life Count
Marcus Matthews

Marcus Matthews

I work with people who feel they have lost control in some aspect of their life. I know that experience all too well and I never want anyone to go through that loneliness, feeling different, maybe not good enough or resigned to believing the life they deserve isn't possible. I help people connect who they thought they should be and who they really are. My clients gain deep insights and context as to why they feel the way they do, empowering them to make real change.

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What is your name and what company do you work for?

What is your job and describe what you do?

What other jobs did you do before this one?

What different roles are available in your industry?

What do you most enjoy about your job?

Why is your organisation good to work with?

What do you look for when you advertise for a new employee / team member?

Salary - what are the range of salaries available in your industry / company?

Do you have any other comments and advice that you would like to add?

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