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Freelance Graphic Designer

Mia Trevelyan  Design
Mia Trevelyan

Mia Trevelyan

Graphic Designers combine text and images in a captivating way to effectively communicate a message. I specialise in logo design and branding as I enjoy the challenge of communicating ideas in a succinct way and building out the look and feel of the brand using colour, typography and imagery. As a freelancer I take care of every aspect of my business from marketing and finance to project management. I love the freedom and flexibility that comes with being self-employed.

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What is your name and what company do you work for?

What is your job and describe what you do?

What other jobs did you do before this one?

What different roles are available in your industry?

What do you most enjoy about your job?

What are the different pathways into your industry (apprenticeship/uni etc)?

Why is your organisation good to work for?

What do you look for when you advertise for a new employee / team member?

Salary - what are the range of salaries available in your industry / company?

Do you have any other comments and advice that you would like to add?

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