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Management Consultant

Business Doctor
Shane Stark

Shane Stark

I have over 30 years of experience of running, working with and managing businesses in the US and the UK. I have helped organisations develop from start ups to global organisations with over £250m in turnover. I thoroughly enjoy using my experiences and hard earned business knowledge to provide practical advice, support and coaching to ambitious businesses. By working together we can establish or improve business models that maximise profits and growth.

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What is your name and what company do you work for?

What is your job and describe what you do?

What other jobs did you do before this one?

What do you most enjoy about your job?

What are the different pathways into your industry (apprenticeship/uni etc)?

Why is your organisation good to work for?

Salary - what are the range of salaries available in your industry / company?

Do you have any other comments and advice that you would like to add?

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Why is it so important to work with students in schools?

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